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  1. A quick guide to reading books on Samsung Galaxy Tab
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Transfer and read ebooks on your smartphone
  3. How to Transfer and Read MOBI Files on Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3?
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FAQ for Samsung Phone & Tablet. Find more about 'Galaxy View: How can I read eBooks on my Samsung Galaxy View?' with Samsung. The Google Play Books eReader from Google is pre-installed on your device. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Play Books to open the eReader. Note: Additional eBook readers are available from Google Play Store. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 doesn't come with any eBook reader apps, but That way, the phone doesn't need an Internet connection to synchronize and.

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How To Ebook On Samsung Phone

These 10 apps will transform your Android phone or tablet into an eBook Android phone, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. To read ebooks on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can make use of the the Books folder on the memory card of your mobile (Apps > Books). All Samsung Galaxy Tab users have to know to start enjoying reading ebooks on their tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 manages to cram a 5. That 0. It opens you up to a huge range of free books which in itself is great, but it also gives you access to the vast array of paid content available to Kindle devices. If you already have a Kindle, even better - thanks to WhisperSync, it keeps track of your last read page, syncing everything with your Kindle account. This logs you in automatically and as with Kindle gives you access to a wealth of books, some free and some paid. downloading a book is just like downloading an app and is done so through the Google Play Store. Again, as with Kindle, it works across Android devices, also working through your desktop web browser. Moving away from books and Google Play Magazines is a rich alternative to an actual magazine.

There is a speed control that determines how fast the words appear and you can stop and continue at any time. It could be used to build up your reading speed. One of the advantages of ebooks compared to physical books is the built in dictionary.

Long press a word and you can get a definition of a word, a Wikipedia entry if applicable and even a translation into a foreign language. WordWise takes this further and by increasing the spacing between lines of text, it can show definitions of difficult words within the text. You might find it useful to enable it if you struggle to understand some words in the book. Free site Kindle books Whether you use the Samsung or site Kindle app, there are many free books, although they can sometimes be difficult to find.

As you browse the store from within the app, you might stumble across them. The Kindle app does not show prices when browsing the store, so you have to open each book's page to see the price. Occasionally they are free. One way to find free books is to simply search for them. Select the Store tab at the bottom of the Kindle app and search for 'free books'. Tap Filter and sort by popularity or customer reviews to see the best of them.

Add your interest to the search, for example, search for 'free books sci fi' to see all free science fiction books, or 'free books crime thrillers', and so on.

Searches like this often turn up thousands of books, although it depends on the niche. Free books from Google Don't limit yourself to one book store. Google Play Books is another excellent ebook reader and there is a huge range of books available from Google. The app works on iOS as well as Android and books are synced between the two if you have, say, an Android phone and iPad.

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A quick guide to reading books on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Related Article: That's becoming a bit rarer these days. The interface comes with customization options, auto-scrolling, page turning animations, and various view modes for your comfort. The app is free to use. You can download one of the various donate version if you want to. The name changed. However, it's still one of the better eBook reader apps. It features cross-device syncing.

You can also download books directly from the service. The app has a slightly different set of features for each different file type. The UI is a little more busy than we'd typically like to see. However, everything else is fairly solid. For those keeping track, that's most of the formats that you run into on a daily basis.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Transfer and read ebooks on your smartphone

The UI is simple, but effective. Additionally, it provides dictionary support, text highlighting, free-hand annotations, and more.

There is also a selection of plugins that add additional functionality. It's all free with no advertising as well. Updated 10 best office apps for Android!

Like Aldiko, it's a great option for most basic use cases. It uses a proprietary Google Drive cloud service to sync books between your devices.

How to Transfer and Read MOBI Files on Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3?

We also really liked the UI. It's a bit old, but it's effective and easy on the eyes.

It even has gesture support. For now, anyway, the app is entirely free to use. It's a good mixture of productivity and reading.

Galaxy Tab A - Read eBooks (SM-T & SM-P) | Samsung Support CA

The app supports basically all types of PDF files. Additionally, it offers annotation features, form filling features, and ConnectedPDF for privacy. For reading, it can read PDFs out loud and also supports audio and video stuff.

It has probably the best cross-platform support of any eReader or PDF app.

That's the big five! The UI is classic Material Design and the app layout is simple enough for almost everybody.

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